"Good leaders ask great questions. The greatest question I can ask (you) is what do you think?"

Entreleaderhsip Interview with John Maxwell, New York Times bestselling author of ‘Failing Forward’ and ‘Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn’: Good Leaders Ask Great Questions.


This is a fabulous 25 minute podcast is about the power of curiosity and asking great questions as leaders.  Mr. Maxwell speaks to intentionality: the attitude and mindset that you as the leader bring with your questions. He invites us to cultivate a ‘teachability’ mindset and posture. As leaders our role is to ‘cast the vision’ while holding this key thought front and center in our mind:  ‘How can others help me make this good idea a great one?’. 

This’ teachability’ attitude is not only an opportunity to show courage and humility, but also to engage your team and to get them vested in the outcome by giving them the opportunity to participate. He says “the greatest question I can ask you is ‘what do you think?’. Because what you are saying is in fact ‘I value your thoughts, your ideas, your experience, your opinions….’  and all this adds up to developing great relationship, when you have a learning mindset.