Constance brings a wealth of experience to her work with high-performance leaders and entrepreneurs and nurtures a vast personal and professional interdisciplinary and international network. During her twenty years in Europe, Constance supported industry moguls and business leaders at iconic brands such as Gucci, Tod's and Saint Laurent.  She enjoyed rich and wonderful life experiences in Italy, Spain and England and became fluent in local languages before moving back to the US in 2004.

When she landed in New York City, where she knew no one but her college roommates, she re-invented herself as an Executive Recruiter. Driven by her early level of success and a tad of foolhardy self-reliance, Constance opened a boutique executive search firm, SCOUT TALENT in 2009, in the midst of a global economic crisis. Betting on herself turned out to be a good move. She earned the trust of top global luxury and lifestyle brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Tory Burch, Zegna and Under Armour, firmly establishing herself as a reliable, transparent and capable adviser, thought leader, mentor and confidant to her business partners. 

Constance is a resourceful operator, grounded in transparency, integrity and intentionality. She brings a deep sense of accountability to all of her personal and professional endeavors, big and small.  She has a keen ability to connect the dots. She believes there is power in co-creation and loves pushing boundaries and sharing the stage with like-minded creators, seekers and entrepreneurs.

Constance's boundless curiosity, generosity and enthusiasm are infectious and inspiring. She has a real zeal for life; she even goes to summer camp for adults…you get the idea.

Until recently, Constance has been a closeted student of all manner of inspirational and personal development thought leaders − from Tony Robbins to Transcendental Meditation. She is a trained coach and an active member of various progressive organizations, with Good Life Project, Emerging Women and Wisdom 2.0 among her favorites. She volunteers much time to support people struggling with career conundrums and she is a faculty advisor for a specialized Master’s program at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, her old home town.

An eager, albeit novice, sailor and scuba diver, Constance loves the water. She splits her time between New York City, Montauk and Bozeman, Montana with her finance Dan, a preservation architect and fellow adventurer who shares her love of cooking, Italy and water sports.